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I currently have eight messages pertaining to "BEN DROWNED."
I'm not trying to call out any of the people who recently asked about it, i just feel like maybe i should say this now before i get even more:

Any questions about BEN, the creepypasta, or Jadusable's videos will be deleted.

There are a million more interesting things to ask about. What's more though is that the only questions i've received about Termina are ones about the statue that is, canonically, just a creepy looking statue. Nothing about Majora or the Moon or about travelling through time.

Don't you guys think you might be taking a few videos of hacked gameplay too far?

Edit: This has become more relevant with MM3D coming out soon. Please stop.


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:iconlinkhappyplz: Like my username suggests, go ahead and ask me anything. I recall everything from my various lifetimes, so feel free to question any of the games!

--Note!: All roleplaying and questioning on this account defaults to Ocarina of Time Link unless you ask otherwise.
(Please do not call me "Time" though)

:iconhyruleheroplz:100+ questions are yet to be answered - please be patient.

FAQ: Commonly asked, and what not to ask

:bulletgreen: 1. Some variation of questioning Link's love life.

As admin, i choose not to have one dominating pairing for Link. Canonically, he will not specifically have feelings for anyone outside of roleplaying. So no answer to a question will contain a love confession of any sort. I will acknowledge crushes and other aspects of his potential love life, but otherwise i prefer to remain neutral and pick no pairing over another. Also note that all Dark Link x Link fanart i draw are purely for fun and do not affect the way i play Link when answering.

:bulletgreen: 2. What is your favorite pastime?
This has been answered. If you want a more specific answer, say from a certain game or just something other than fishing, please specify or else i will just link you to that question.

:bulletgreen: 3. Comments/Questions pertaining to OCs/FCs.
I will speak to your OC, yes. But it'll be like Link is meeting any other stranger. I am not aware of what fanfiction you have come up with for your character, so neither is Link. I don't have time to get familiar with them either. Feel free to befriend Link or whatever and explain more about yourself, but please don't act as if Link had something to do with your OC's past. Me as admin and Link will not know what you're talking about and i won't make exceptions. Please respect that.

:bulletgreen: 4. Questions or comments referring to game controls or the existence of the LoZ series.
Come on now, i play Link as if he is a real person. I'm not going to have him acknowledge that he originates from a video game. So he won't understand game controls. I may answer those questions if i come up with a witty response, but otherwise: don't expect it. I don't appreciate the wise guys that try to break the fourth wall and tell Link he's not real. There's really nothing i can say to those, so please don't do it.

:bulletgreen: 5. Questions/Comments involving a link to something.
I will almost always click these, but be aware that i don't enjoy having Link reply to other people's interpretations of him. This includes comics, videos, fanfictions, etc. I just don't like doing it, so don't expect those often.
Also please do not tag me. I won't be doing those unless it is something in-character.

:bulletgreen: 6. Questions about other games/fandoms/animes/books/etc.
Link does not know who these people are unless they are from the SSB series. On rare occasions i might answer a crossover question, but honestly: Link does not know these people unless he has met the ask account. And even then, i'd likely still avoid answering unless it was a LoZ character.

:bulletgreen: 7. "Hi" or "Can we be friends?"
PLEASE give me more to work off of than "Hi." I enjoy roleplaying and interacting with others, but i'd really appreciate a little more effort into a starting comment. I get about a dozen "hi's" so you can imagine i don't like coming up with something new to say each time.
As for asking to be friends, please don't do that. You wouldn't ask someone to be your friend in reality, would you? Instead, get to know Link by means of conversation like you would anyone else!

:bulletgreen: 8. Some crack about Link wearing a dress.
It's a tunic and you know it. The joke's gotten old. See here.

:bulletgreen: 9. Scenario questions: "what would you do if...?"
This is a bit trickier, because i both love and hate scenario questions. So i’ll just say, keep things within reason – please no outrageous/random situations where it’s clear you just want me to illustrate the hilarity or circumstances in which the answer should be obvious (what would you do if Zelda got kidnapped again?/what if you were hanging from a cliff above alligator infested waters?) Try to limit scenario-type questions to ones where i still need to put thought into an answer, because it’s rare that i’ll feel like making a goofy, meaningless “answer” in which i’m just drawing what you described with a simple, effortless response.

:bulletgreen: Also, please have just one question per comment!
Feel free to ask as many questions as you want, but if the questions are unrelated, please separate them so that i can copy paste them onto my answers more easily. ( :

-- Hope that's not an intimidating text block! Please feel free to ask away! If you break a rule, i'll just let you know or avoid replying. I'll never be rude about this unless you do it just to bother me. Thanks <3 --


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A question for the non-canon (Nintendo confirmed it!) Hyrule Warriors Link! so... how do you feel about part of the Great Sea suddenly appearing in Hyrule Field ALONG WITH THAT ERA'S LINK AND ZELDA (oh yeah, Tetra is Zelda... Spoilers)
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Wait... Wait... In Termina, why did the moon have a face? that always confused me...
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